Getting Started

To compile rxp_player you need to:

  • Clone the repository
  • Make sure you compiled the dependencies (or use the one we provide)
  • Compile the library with the packaged build script

Building the library

Clone the rxp_player repository from github:

git clone


rxp_player depends on the follow libraries

Furthermore the example that is part of the library, which implements a fully working video player needs a couple of other libraries. We provide precompiled libraries that are tested on Mac/Win/Arch-Linux and will be automatically downloaded upon first build. These libraries are:

Compiling rxp_player on Mac and Linux

We provide build scripts for both linux, mac and windows. We’re using CMake for the build system. By default the CMake file will download the dependencies and necessary test files the first time you execute the scripts. To build execute:

cd build

This will automatically download a test video and starts the test application. It will also build a librxp_player.a file and copies it to the root install directory for you compiler and operation system.

Compiling on Windows